Respond to Dover Beach

Dans l'un de mes cours de littérature anglaise, le prof nous a proposé un travail de créativité. Il nous a fait lire le poème de Matthew Arnold (ici) et nous a demandé d'y répondre.

Voici donc ce que j'ai écrit :



Respond to Dover Beach


Have you ever heard about “the calm before the storm?”
The Sea, the Love, the Faith.
The sea’s waves are light before the strong wind.
The beginning of your love is the most beautiful time of your life, until you are discovering the difficulty to share your daily life with someone else.
The faith is not concrete, also the love. You have it or you have not. You are remembering how you felt when the faith ingratiates you. The peace, the happiness… and it is over.


I know melancholy and the consequences on your mind.
I know the pain will pass over.
I know the unavoidable gap that creates.
I know the beauty of the peace and the tumult of life.
I know the sadness of losing something.


The sea is calm tonight, my friend, the lying dream is coming.
What a beautiful dream!
Dream and dream again!
Embrace the life,
And live your life!




Voilà =)

Vous en pensez quoi ?